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Chris Thomas

VP of Strategic Growth

Chris is an experienced marketing executive who has built and managed successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Chris Thomas

Chris has had a great deal of experience in sales, marketing, and leadership throughout his career, giving him the adaptability to understand any project and be of value to the process of accomplishing their critical goals.

One of Chris’ strongest assets is his passion and commitment to his clients and partners. His family owned a multi-generational produce wholesale factory, where he learned how to treat customers and deal with their needs at an early age. Having been given this early mentorship by his father, Chris has made a special effort to be a fierce advocate for his customers and a reliable partner throughout his career.

Chris Graduated from Lock Haven University with honors, where he was the founder and first president of the university weightlifting club and a passionate member of the university rugby team. After graduating, Chris began his career as a business-to-business sales representative for AT&T, where he was not only a successful sales representative, but was also unanimously elected to the regional ethics committee for AT&T, which served all of Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Continuing his career in wireless communications, Chris was also a Sales Representative for Sprint, selling wireless services in a business-to-business capacity.

Chris worked at Pepperjam, where he was a critical team member, helping to take the company to the next level. Chris was an asset to Pepperjam’s existing clients and was directly involved in new business growth that helped the company reach its revenue goals as well as launch the much anticipated affiliate network. Chris left Pepperjam to continue his work in the affiliate space, working with the agency side of Atrinsic, once again acquiring new customers driving growth and launching their affiliate network.

Today, Chris uses all of his experience to provide business-to-business companies with what they need to create the same kind of growth in their partnership programs that business-to-consumer companies historically have attained.  When you work with Chris, you benefit from his expertise and years of successful partnerships – Chris has your back!


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